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SlowFeeding Optimal Pony


A SlowFeeding Net that brings slow feeding to a completely new level.

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The Optimal Pony is state of the art SlowFeeding. Designed to be easier to fill, give your horse natural eating angles, and withstand even the worst hooligan.

The objective is to be able to let your horse have continuous access to his hay without eating too much or too fast and make it possible for you to only fill hay once per day.

The Optimal Pony is more efficient than other Slow Feeding solutions so you should choose one mesh size larger than with other solutions. Mesh size C is the standard mesh size but B and D work well too. Mesh size E is for waste reduction without affecting the eating. There is a slight warning for mesh size A since the SlowFeeding Optimal Pony is so efficient in itself such a small mesh size might be too restricting for some ponies and they might give up trying. That is especially true if the hay is coarse.

The capacity of the Optimal Pony is 8 kg = 20 lbs (twice that if baled hay is used) and it can be mounted from 60 cm = 2 feet over the floor which makes it perfect even for very small ponies. The Optimal Pony needs 100 cm = 39″ free wall space out from the corner.

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