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Horse Corner Net


A SlowFeeding Net that transforms a Haybar to a very efficient SlowFeeder.

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The Horse Corner Net is designed to transform a Haybar Horse (or an exact look-alike) to a very efficient SlowFeeder. It makes the setup so efficient that it is recommended to chose one mesh size larger net than for hanging nets or it might be so difficult for the horse to eat that he will give up.

In a real-life test (16 horses), this setup made all horses in the test stop over-eating and take 60% more breaks from eating. All horses in the reference group (that received their hay on the floor) had finished their hay before midnight and the horses enjoying Haybars with Horse Corner Nets usually had hay left when breakfast was served. The Haybars were reloaded morning and late afternoon.

To have success with this it is very important never to let the feeder run empty.

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