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Hay Basket Net


Finally, A SlowFeeding Net that is specially designed to eliminate the wasting of hay when horses are being fed using a Tarter Equine Hay Basket. Scroll down to see the video.



Finally, A SlowFeeding Net specially designed for The Equine Hay Basket.

SlowFeeding Hay Basket Net
An Easy To Use SlowFeeding Net for the Hay Basket.

The Hay Basket Net is available in 5 mesh sizes. It is easy to open and close and it stops all wasting of hay. In mesh size A, B, and C, it will slow down the eating, make the horses chew the hay better and eliminate all wasting of hay. Mesh size C is standard. In mesh size D it will reduce the wasting of hay drastically while only interfering slightly with the horse’s eating. In mesh size E it will reduce the wasting of hay without interfering with the horse’s eating at all.

The Hay Basket Net is being held in place by the shape and a sturdy Rubber Rope that hugs the outer rim of the basket. There are no knots or hooks to mess with. You will open and close the net in seconds, even with mittens on.
The Hay Basket net can be closed in as little as 18 seconds (see the video).

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Mesh Sizes

A, B, C, D, E


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