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RB180 High C has a mesh size of 4cm = 1 3/4" that is recommended for schooling horses to SlowFeeding and for coarse hay and straw. It is designed to cover a 180 cm = 6" round bale from the bottom up. Just spread the bottom of the net where you want the round bale, lift the sides of the net and place it on top of the bale, pull up and remove the thin baling net, use a shackle or a hook to close the SlowFeeding net, tie the top of the net to a rope coming from the ceiling to keep it on the height where it is. There will be no need to readjust this height.

The actual height of this net is 240 cm = 94" and the diameter is 220 cm = 87" just to make it easier to dress the bale.

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