SlowFeeding HS5/11
HS 5/11 (5 kg=11 lbs). Easy to fill, carry and hang. Drawstring both around the opening and around the bottom net to make it easy to hang even horizontally to let the horse eat from the top through a loose net layer.

Flat 5, 100×90 cm = 39×35″
Opening on the long side but can be ordered with the opening on the short side. Recommended up to 5 kg = 11 lbs but is not really recommended for daily use since the small opening makes it time-consuming to fill.

Flat 10, 125×100 cm = 49×39″
Recommended for 5-12 kg = 11-26 lbs.
(5kg takes 30 seconds to fill, 10kg takes 5 minutes (it does take 20kg but that takes half an hour).

This is by far the most common size.

HS 22a

HS 10/22. Excellent in the box corner but even better hanging horizontally. Drawstring can be applied both around the opening and around the bottom net to hang it horizontally. Very easy to fill, carry and hang,

 Flat 15, 150×100 cm = 59×39″
Recommended for 12-20 kg = 26-44 lbs.
This is a personal favorite and recommended for full-size horses.
Easy to fill and possible to move even when full.

HS 15/33. “Fillers favorite”. Super easy fill, quite easy to carry and okay to hang.

 Flat 20, 175×100 cm = 69×39″
This size is made to fit an American 120 lbs bale (55kg). Filled with loose hay it takes approximately 20 kg = 50 lbs.
It needs to be put in a container or permanently mounted on a wall and does best when hung also in the middle when filled to capacity.

HS25 (2a)HS25 (5a)
HS 25/55. This is an excellent choice when you have a large bale in storage and want to check the hay for your two horses before you make it available to them in a SlowFeeding station. Easy to fill, difficult to carry but easy to move with a wheelbarrow or magasin trolley, impossible to hang.

Flat 25, 200×100 cm = 79×39″
Have a capacity of approximately 25 kg = 62 lbs.

HS50 (3a)
HS 45/111. This is a great choice when you have a large bale in storage and want to check the hay for your herd of horses before you make it available to them in a SlowFeeding station. Easy to fill, impossible to carry or hang but okay to move with a wheelbarrow or magasin trolley.

All the above sizes come with hanging ropes to be attached in the upper corners and closing strings to keep the opening shut.

All flat nets can be completed with “closing loops” that closes the opening completely in a very time efficient and easy way. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Optimal Pony, 8kg loose hay to 20kg baled hay = 17-44 lbs.

SlowFeeding Optimal Pony
The standard box stall feeder of tomorrow.

Optimal Horse, 16kg loose hay to 35kg baled hay = 40-88 lbs.

SlowFeeding Optimal Horse
Tomorrows standard box stall feeder
  • To be mounted in a corner of the box stall.
  • Natural eating angles.
  • Shoe safe.
  • So efficient that you should choose one size smaller mesh compared to flat nets and hay sacks.
  • Very rugged construction. Can be pushed all the way into the corner without breaking. Click the picture above to see the video.

Bathtub net

Transforms and old traditional bathtub to an easy to use SlowFeeder. The SlowFeeding net is held in place by 2 sturdy rubber cords, no ropes, no knots, ho hooks.

Bathtub net
An old bathtub transformed into an easy to use SlowFeeder.

SlowFeeding Net for the Tarter Equine Hay Basket.

Tarter Equine Hay Basket Net
Easy to use SlowFeeding Net for the famous Tarter Equine Hay Basket.

The SlowFeeding net for “Tarter Equine Hay Basket”:

  • Makes it impossible for horses to throw the hay out of the basket.
  • Minimizes the wasting of hay.
  • Is super easy to open and close. Just pull the rubber cord over the rim of the basket. No ropes, no knots, no hooks.


SlowFeeding SMHN Original

The “SlowFeeding SMHN Original Lunch Box net” fits a common plastic container of 40x60cm = 16″x 24″ and takes a small bale. Remember that cheap plastic containers do not cope well with cold temperatures and there is a serious risk that shod horses might get their shoes tangled in the net.

RB Std high, takes a 4′ round bale, lots of small bales or a whole lot of loose hay. Stretch the bottom of the net where you want the hay, place it on top, lift the sides of the net and hook or tie the top of the net to something that comes from the ceiling or a tree branch. This net has a larger diameter than most round bale nets for standard bales to make it easier to dress the bale. Please note that you are not supposed to lift the hay only the sides of the net.
RB Big high,  like the RB Std high but for 6′ round bale.

RB Std low, covers a 4′ round bale from the top down. It can also be used from the bottom up (just like the RB140 high) for quite a lot of small bales or lots of loose hay. For complete round bales I do recommend the RB140 high because horses often try to get in under the net when used from the top down. This net has a larger diameter than most round bale nets for standard bales to make it easier to dress the bale.

RB Big low. Like the “Std low” but for 6′ bales.

FR230 is made to cover a full round bale with a diameter of 140cm = 4′ standing in the middle of a feed ring with 12 eating spaces.
*This is not a recommended solution since some horses spend all their free time (and that is a lot) trying to come in under the net.

This is, however, a recommended solution:

SlowFeeding SMHN Original pallet net.

The SlowFeeding pallet net is very efficient and easy to fill. Available for both European and American (40″x 48″) pallets

  • the 2-3 collars net, has exactly the same volume as 3 collars. i.e. becomes leveled with the top of 3 collars when full.
  • the 4-5 collars net, has exactly the same volume as 5 collars. i.e. becomes leveled with the top of 5 collars when full. This net can be used on less number of collars (just saw two of the plastic pipes to shorter length) and will then stick up over the collars. If used with less number of collars there will be a lot of net laying on top of the last hay.

2 collars height is recommended for A&B-ponies, 3 collars for C&D-ponies and 4 collars for horses.

SlowFeeding HayBar net, makes a HayBar (or look-a-like) a slowfeeder. Pony size takes 4kg and Horse size takes 8kg. If you already have a HayBar this is an excellent solution that is very easy to fill, just open 1 hook, hold the net open and dump in the hay and then reconnect the hook again.

SlowFeeding SMHN Original HayBar net
SlowFeeding SMHN Original HayBar net

I believe that was all……. (of the official assortment)…. but since each flat net comes in 10 different models and all other nets come in three mesh sizes it will add up to 100 different solutions……. and there is one more corner solution in final testing today and who knows what will be there tomorrow.