The SlowFeeding evolution

SlowFeeding 1.0 – Flat Small Mesh Hay Nets (SMHN). I have 5 sizes each in 3 mesh sizes and a complaint rate of 0.2% which means that my nets are of superior quality, far better than the competition. All my flat nets come with integrated “Loops closing” which makes it easy to open and close even with cold fingers. The net-material I use is made of superior quality polyester with a unique knitting technique. A combination developed for deep-sea trawling with large tugboats (I know for a fact that some competitors use cheap material originally made to be badminton nets) making them withstand abrasion far better than ordinary net material.

Nets like this extend the eating time with approximately 35% and hanging they don’t offer a natural eating angle.

SlowFeeding 2.0 – SlowFeeding Hay Sacks are easier to fill than flat nets and can be used in ways that let the horse eat straight forward and from the top.

SlowFeeding 3.0 –  Now we are talking state of the art, Real SlowFeeding offering:

  • Everything SlowFeeding 1.0 and 2.0 offers.
  • Natural eating (much better than lush pastures).
  • Natural eating angles (much better than hanging nets).
  • Quick and easy to fill (takes a minute to fill the supply for a whole day and night).
  • Made for Continuous SlowFeeding curing EGUS.
  • Hygienic (keeps the hay separated from fumes, dust, sand, dirt, and other impurities.
  • Loose laying nets on top of the hay for more efficient slow feeding than when the hay is hanging in the net.

SlowFeeding 4.0 – Everything goes black.

2019 SlowFeeding SMHN Original celebrates 10 years anniversary by increasing the thickness of the net material making the nets stronger and even more resistant to abrasion. The color of the nets and trimming will also be changed to black. I will be using genuine black fiber that doesn’t fade or bleach. The black nets look very sophisticated and don’t look as dirty as white net does. Of course, then net-material will stay soft and knotless.