Closing Loops

The versatile closing loops.

All my flat SlowFeeding nets are equipped with string loops for easy closing and opening, even with cold and stiff fingers.

These loops can be used in different ways:

  1. As they are intended:
  • Stick one loop (the most left or most right one) through all layers of the net and fold it towards the next loop.
  • Stick the next loop through all layers of net and through the first loop.
  • Repeat until all loops are engaged. If you want to you can attach the last loop to the net with a small carabiner instead of tying it.
  • For opening just loosen the last loop and pull the net sides apart.
  1. Cut each loop (and burn the ends) to get two equal length tie strings.
  2. Cut them to uneven length (classic SlowFeeding tie strings). The long piece is used to catch the other net side and pull it close before tying the two ends together.
  3. Cut them off completely and use your favorite carabiners for closing the net.