SlowFeeding SMHN Original

SlowFeeding SMHN Original
stands for:

  • The highest possible quality.
    335g/m2 (35 mm mesh) knott less polyester where every single mesh has a break load of 140kg = 308 lbs and a unique knitting method making it withstand abrasion even better than other polyester nets with the same weight (if there were any). I have tried all other materials (cotton, Nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, and Dyneema) and the only one offering anything better than our polyester is Dyneema that is also lighter but so many times more expensive that it is not worth the money).
  • Largest assortment.
    Counting the new models that are in final testing right now my brand SlowFeeding SMHN Original have over 150 models so I offer a premium solution for each situation.
  • Market leading research and development.
    I have usually solved the problem before the competitors even have accepted that it exists.
    SlowFeeding 3.0 presents shoe safe SlowFeeding with natural grazing angels while the competition still only produce hanging nets that gives unnatural eating angles or nets laying on the ground for the horse to step, stand, pee and pup on. Nets that the horses can stand on while eating is far to easy for the horses to break to call a good solution.

    I have no intention to be the cheapest, only to offer you the best  slow feeding for your money.