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Welcome to the world’s largest assortment of Slow Feeding solutions.

The materials I use in my over 180 models are all chosen to be the best available on the international market. This doesn’t always mean the strongest since an exceptionally strong material can be dangerous. (It might be better if a rope breaks than if the horse gets stuck and hurt himself.) Sometimes a material that is not as strong but withstands abrasion better can be a better choice. That is why I use polyester that withstands abrasion and UV-light better instead of Nylon that is stronger and absorbs more water.
My production is placed in Europe (not in Asia) since that is where I’ve found the best relation between top quality and cost. The workers I have in the production costs about as much as workers do in the USA but the cost of facilities is much cheaper. (I don’t understand why a machine running in a US-factory is more expensive than “the same” machine running in a European factory).
I’m proud to be the only manufacturer of slow feeding solutions that offer a 2-years warranty.
My warranty even covers holes chewed by horses as long as you follow the terms specified under “Warranty“.

Horses are known to, from time to time, put themselves in trouble (some more than others), and therefore are I’m not accepting any responsibility for horses hurting themselves, or others, on or with my products. I provide carefully chosen and tested possibilities but the owner and caregiver of the horse carry full responsibility for how the products are being used.

The store is closed. I'm retiring and the complete business is for sale (probably already sold).