Companies don’t die from Covid19, but quite easily from Covid19 lockdown.

Even if we had managed to survive, our main supplier did not (under very peculiar circumstances) and without them we have nothing.
We have now stopped the production of the regular assortment and are only producing some 300 Round Bale nets from the raw material we still have in stock for in Sweden*.
After this, we will produce a fair number of “Corner Feeder Nets” (that already are halfway through production) for the UK market and “Haybasket Nets” for the North American market. Those models will be sold on Amazon.

From May 26 the average number of deaths per day is no longer higher for 2020 that the average for 2015 – 2019.
The excess number of deaths during 2020 is 6% higher than the average during 2015-2019.
That is certainly not enough for calling Covid19 a pandemic in Sweden and all countries that went into lockdown did it completely in vain.

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