Got Dogs?

If you have got dogs then you probably have got balls but even if you have got lots of balls, “More Than Balls ” brings much more fun.

The best materials and the best solutions are needed when creating indestructible dog toys that are out of this world fun to play with.

Easy to trow (even for those who can’t throw).

More fun:

Look how proud she is:

Just give the kids a More Than Balls and they will have fun as long as they have an audience.

She could easily tear my arm off but with a More Than Balls, I’m safe.

Meet the More Than Balls test team:

Speed, Force, and Strategy.

We started with regular tennis balls but they only lasted for minutes. Now is the question who will supply us with indestructible rubber balls that can last as long as the super heavy duty rubber cords we use? Might it be “Pet Love” or “Mighty Mutt”?

Thoughts and Comments are welcome.


When creating and designing SlowFeeding solutions I’m always searching for the best materials* and the best solutions** on the international market. When having found these superb materials and solutions usually other uses for them appears and that is how “More Than Balls” was born.

*  Wasting the enormous amount of time I put into developing the SlowFeeding concept by using poor quality material would feel like betraying my self.

** The industry still don’t have a good solution for joining two ends of a sturdy rubber cord but my sailing background helped me to create a knot that not even Bulldogs can untie even though chewing on it for weeks. (Yes, after having created the knot I found it in the “knot-bible”, The Ashley Book of Knots. All knots have already been invented by sailors and Clifford W. Ashley has collected them all in his fantastic book.)