The NH4 Hayhut net kit is designed to cover a 4′ round bale in a rectangular Hayhut (made in Nebraska).

Our soft, smooth, and strong knotless hay nets are woven from the finest polyester fiber and are extremely gentle on horse’s lips, gums and teeth while being dirt resistant and durable which is further enhanced by being suspended and at the same time this prevents the net from getting out from underneath the feeder and getting frozen into mud or water in northern region winters.

KIT CONTENTS (all sizes are METRIC M6) – 21 curled 25mm M6 eyebolts, 21 locknuts, 21 lock washers, 21 nuts, 42 flat washers. 1 HayHutNet including center suspension cord and perimeter drawcord.


1. Tip your HayHut on to its back for ease of drilling and fitting of eyebolts
2. Using a ¼” drill bit fit one eyebolt in the center of the HayHut roof. (photo 1 – on reverse side)
3. With a 10mm wrench or similar, fit 4 eyebolts equidistantly (approx. 18”) along front & back upper horizontal rib (photo 2) and at both ends of the side ribs (photo 3) adjusting the inside nut to ensure that the eyebolt does not protrude beyond the locknut (photo 4). (the HayHut can be rolled left and right to enable easy drilling and fitting (photo 5). The order on the eyebolt from inside to out is- nut/lock washer/flat washer/hut plastic/flat washer/lock nut.
4. Push the HayHut upright to step inside to hang the net from the roof eyebolt by the center cord.
5. Align the red yarn marker on the net perimeter with one of the HayHut side joints and clip the net and drawcord into the two adjacent eyebolts either side. (photo 6)
6. Align the 4 vertical net joining tapes in the corners and clip in the adjacent eyebolts. (photo 7)
7. Finish clipping in the remaining eyebolts and draw the perimeter cord tight and tie off securely.

Most secure

Easiest to stretch

1. To load the HayHut and net, pull the center net cord through the eyebolt to elevate the net and put the end loop on one of the top joining flange bolts (photo 8) before tipping the HayHut over or lifting it mechanically.
2. Put the HayHut back over the fresh bale of hay ensuring that the net is not getting snagged.
3. Release the top cord back to the roof eyebolt no later than when half of the hay has been eaten.
4. Check your net regularly to ensure that horses have not loosened it or chewed any holes in it. Any holes should be repaired immediately before horses get used to pulling the hay through their holes.
5. The HayHutNet can be machine washed warm/cold and spun on any cycle but do not tumble dry.