Work Less, Make More Money.

Earn Continuous Commission on everything sold through Your SlowFeeding webshop that will be placed here.

There will be no obligations, no cost, and no handling of goods for You. You decide how much and where to market Your webshop. You can mention it in your newsletters, on your blog, advertise for it on the Internet and in magazines.
We will take care of everything else, like administration, shipping, support, and warranty.

The system will automatically transfer Your commission, to by You specified account, and, if you want, give a part of it as a discount to the customer.
The webshop will carry all 80 models and styles of

SlowFeeding SMHN Original

the world’s largest assortment of superior quality Slow Feeding solutions, and the only one with 2 years warranty (covering holes chewed by horses).

All models are produced in 3 different mesh sizes, some in 5, and all flat nets in 7 different mesh size combinations.

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