SlowFeeding evolution

SlowFeeding 1.0 – Flat Small Mesh Hay Nets (SMHN). I have 6 sizes each in 3 mesh sizes and a complaint rate of 0.2% which means that my nets are of superior quality, far better than the competition. These nets are made through sewing together 2 equal mesh panels, leaving one long side open. All my nets are made of superior quality polyester with a unique knitting technique. A combination developed for deep sea trawling with large tug boats (I know for a fact that some competitors use cheap material originally made to be badminton nets) making them withstand abrasion far better than ordinary net material.

SlowFeeding 2.0 – Flat SMHN with a combination of different mesh sizes to increase efficiency. I’m not sure if anyone else can supply them but I have 42 models. That is what you get when doing every other possible combination of two, three and four layer or the above mentioned panels (except the ones belonging to SlowFeeding 1.0).

Two things you might start to understand about me as a person:
I love freedom of choice.
I hate poor quality.

SlowFeeding 3.0 –  Now we are talking state of the art, Real SlowFeeding offering:

  • Everything SlowFeeding 1.0 and 2.0 offers.
  • Natural eating (much better than lush pastures).
  • Natural eating angles (much better than hanging nets).
  • Quick and easy to fill (takes a minute to fill the supply for a whole day and night).
  • Made for Continuous SlowFeeding curing EGUS.
  • Hygienic (keeps the hay separated from fumes, dust, sand, dirt and other impurities.
  • Loose laying nets on top of the hay for more efficient slow feeding than when the hay is hanging in the net.